View Handgun License Information 

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

LOCATION: F. Dewayne Beggs Detention Center
(Cleveland County Jail)
2550 W Franklin Road, Norman, OK 73069

NO appointments // Walk in basis

Fingerprints are done with ink and NOT digitally or electronically

Handgun license applicants: OSBI requires applicants to be fingerprinted by the Sheriff’s Office in their county of residence. OSBI will “NOT” accept fingerprints for handgun license from anywhere else. Fingerprinting is included in the $25 fee.

While the Constitutional Carry law went into effect Nov. 1, 2019,  the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office will continue to provide fingerprinting services and to facilitate the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check. These services will be provided for those who still want the licensing for other reasons such as to be in compliance when traveling to other states that reciprocate with our gun licensing laws.

All other fingerprints: You may get your fingerprints done at ANY location (see list of other locations below). Both hands fit on one card. However, it is recommended that you find out from whomever is requiring the fingerprints exactly how many sets you need.

Our agency charges a flat fee of $5 per card.  Payment MUST be in the form of a Money Order or Cashier’s Check.  (No cash, personal checks, or credit/debit cards can be accepted)

If you are notified that your fingerprints “aren’t of FBI quality”, we will reprint you at NO charge. Reprints are done the same days and times as regular fingerprinting.

Call for days, times & location

Moore Police Department (405) 793-5134
ONLY if you live within Moore’s city limits

Norman PD - CIS Office (405) 366-5235

OUPD (405) 325-1717

Purcell PD (405) 527-4600

Oklahoma County S.O. (405) 713-1000

Midwest City PD (405) 739-1320

Background checks conducted by our agency are “LOCAL” checks only. They will only show if you have been booked into the Cleveland County Jail or if you have had any contact with Cleveland County Deputies.

If you require a Statewide or National background check & fingerprints, the OSBI has contracted with the Fuson Tag Agency in Norman. You must call ahead to make an appointment -- toll free 1-(877) 219-0197.